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The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, aided by members of an Advisory Council and six Board Committees recruited from the community. Completely volunteer-based, the Foundation is proud to have a diversified membership comprised of ethnic Chinese, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Vietnamese, Latinos, African-Americans, and European-Americans. Together its directors and advisors have rich museum, community networking, and teaching experience. The Foundation’s full board will have 25 members and 30 members in the Advisory Council.

Kinman Auyeung, MA

C. W. Chan

Margaret Chung, MA

Joseph Faruggia
Structural Engineer

Margaret Larson
Retired Language Teacher

Raymond Lee
Food Importer/Wholesaler

Rebecca Sanders

Duan Li

Anne Leung

Tao Luo, PhD
Public School Teacher
Co-Founder Chinese-American Museum of Chicago

Theresa Mah, PhD

Henry Moy, MA
Director, Red River Museum, Idabel, OK

Jeffrey Moy
Owner, Heritage Museum of Asian Art

Susan Lee Moy, MA
Public School Principal

M. Grace Sielaff
Interior Designer

William Spence, JD
Attorney At Law

Yman Huang Vien, MA

Francis Yip

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